Honesty. Innovation. Collaboration.

Way too often we hear from dealerships and dealer networks that their current DMS solutions make life harder, rather than easier. As a small, entrepreneurial company filled with rocket scientists (yes, it’s true) and other certified geniuses, we set out to do better. Our highly focused, tightly-knit group quickly developed a unique, innovative and truly integrated technology solution that leverages modern and reliable enterprise level technologies to give you back the control to efficiently and profitably run the day-to-day operations of your dealership.

Our goal is to provide our customers with friendly helpful support, paired with an innovative dealership management system that offers real, actionable business intelligence. We’re much more than just a systems provider. Our experience, technological prowess, innovative mindset and close collaboration with our customers gives us the ability and the confidence to tackle the tough issues other companies can’t or won’t handle.

We’ve worked with our customers to provide them with a crucial competitive edge – business intelligence. Being able to make better, more informed decisions in real time is the key advantage of our unique DMS. It simply delivers better results, making our customers spectacularly successful in their respective regions and industries. But don’t take our word for it, hear what they have to say about DealerVu.

"We have used Revolution, Reynolds & Reynolds, Ultimate/Eclipse. In December we moved to DealerVu and I can say without reservation it’s like someone turned the light on!"
Geoff Trewin, Rocky Harley-Davidson, Rockhampton, Australia
"Once staff got past the usual emotions and resistance to change they all agree it is more user friendly than any other system they have used."
Marc Storey, SunCity Harley-Davidson, Townsville, Australia
"Thanks DealerVu for delivering customer service and a great product beyond comparison!"
Randy G. Starkey, Midwest RV, St. Louis, USA