Our industry expertise and technological know-how allows us to create an innovative Dealership Management System far beyond anything available in the market. In collaboration with customers, supply chain partners and industry experts we’ve evolved our DMS to truly support the day-to-day operations of the world’s best dealerships. What does this evolution look like?

Unified View

Unified View

Our dashboard builds off of our innovative total integration to present all of your mission critical data in one easy to understand screen. This allows you to monitor your entire business, including your supply chain, without having to open and close separate programs or worry about importing and exporting data. You’ll have access to real time data combined with historical data so you can anticipate trends instead of reacting to them.

From the dashboard, you can easily pull up key internal and external performance metrics or take a deep dive into your data to drive continuous improvement in your processes. With the Dashboard you can move beyond the data into full understanding.

Benefits Diagram

Unprecedented Innovation. Ultimate Integration.

For the first time, your DMS can truly integrate all your in-house departments from sales to service and accounting, while extending to your mission critical partners such as web, finance and parts vendors. This unprecedented level of integration allows our system to provide you with a more reliable, complete and up-to-the-minute understanding of your business so you can make better, more fully informed decisions.

From the front of the house to the back of the house and beyond, our unique DMS unites all of your departments.

  • Accounting – Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking
  • HR – Time Tracking, Job Clocking, Payroll
  • Finance – Credit Bureaus
  • Service – Supplier Pricing, Inventory Management and Invoicing, Status, Parts Manuals, Quotes
  • Sales – Invoicing, Loyalty Programs, Merchandising
Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Our holistic approach to Dealer Management Systems allows you to become vastly more efficient, resulting in lower expenses and higher profits. With our vendor integration, you’ll never have to struggle with illegible faxes or photocopies and you’ll always have the latest OEM pricing. Our parts manual integration frees up valuable counter space for more revenue generating opportunities. Client communications from emails to invoices are stored centrally for easy recall and historical continuity. Accounting integration minimizes double entry and eliminates transposition errors.

All of the freed up time and resources will open the door for you and your employees to get out there and drive more sales.

Collaboration Not Tech Support

Collaboration Not Tech Support

Our approach to service and support is different. We’re here to work with you. The majority of our team has experience in dealership operations and/or certified designations in their respective fields. With DealerVu, you have access to friendly and experienced department specialists who work with you to understand what you need and help you get the most out of our innovative DMS. Our small, tight-knit group means that support and engineering easily work together with you to solve even the most challenging problem. Collaboration is our core value and you’ll feel that every time you use our system.

"The DealerVu team never stop innovating and improving their products making this a great investment for our dealership(s)."
Brian Jacobs, Rocky's Harley-Davidson - Kitchener Harley Davidson, Ontario, Canada
"Saving us time and money."
Simon Hrycyszyn, Richardson's Harley-Davidson Group, Tasmania
"Since learning the DealerVu software, the work in our accounting department has been cut down probably 40%."
Lorna Pharr, Pharr RV’s, Lubbock, USA