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We're Here For You

We're Here For You

We pride ourselves on our friendly and highly knowledgeable service and support staff. The majority of our team possesses dealership operations experience with successful dealerships that are still in business today. Our accounting solutions group brings not only recognized accounting designations but a wealth of dealer experience as well.

Our depth of experience is combined with our commitment to working with our customers. This means we spend time to get to know your business so that you get the tailored service and support you need. Our collaborative support is another competitive edge you can leverage to take your dealership to the next level.

Software Assurance Plan

Our software assurance plan is more than just a monthly charge, it’s a program designed to give you real value each month. We provide the most comprehensive software maintenance program available, to ensure you receive a full return on your software investment. DealerVu’s Software Assurance Plan is specifically designed to help you maximize the value through each stage of the product lifecycle.

Product Support

Dealerships rely on DealerVu to help solve problems, achieve unique business objectives, and stay competitive in today’s fast paced environment. Over time businesses evolve, and you’ll need access to new tools and assistance to further facilitate your operations and maximize profitability. Our specially designed in-house tracking system ensures your issues are quickly received and addressed by our development group or anyone else who can help. No matter what you need, you’ve got our support every step of the way.

Commitment to Improvement

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. We are a global company and our focus on collaboration means that our customers, our partners and our team of experts around the world constantly engage and reevaluate how technology is used and how dealerships change and adapt to excel in highly competitive environments. An important part of maintaining a business edge is the ability to keep software and technological assets useful and cost-effective, so at DealerVu we’re committed to listening and improving our product and service to help your organization maintain a competitive advantage for years to come.

"The support has been fantastic."
Geoff Trewin, Rocky Harley-Davidson, Rockhampton, Australia
"The 'Critical Support' provided by DealerVu means that help is not too far away."
Simon Hrycyszyn, Richardson's Harley-Davidson Group, Tasmania
"DealerVu is responsive, courteous and expedient every time we have a request or technical need."
Randy G. Starkey, Midwest RV, St. Louis, USA